PÜR Scan

PÜR Scan is our safe, non-invasive CORE TEST that determines the overall health and function of a wide range of systems in the body.

PÜR Sound

PÜR Sound therapy uses energy from acoustic waves to trigger the body's own healing response to relieve pain and promote tissue healing

PÜR Light

PÜR Light therapy has been clinically-proven to enhance skin health, wound healing, muscle recovery, athletic performance, mental clarity, relaxation and sleep while reducing joint and body pain.

PÜR Microcurrent

PÜR Microcurrent treatment offers pain relief and rapid healing to various parts of the body using neural-electro stimulation.

PÜR Weight Loss

Exclusive unparalleled weight loss techniques developed over 20 years with thousands of patients.


IV Drip systems for hydration, immunity, energy, anti-aging, vitamin deficiency and more.

PÜR Supplements

Our team of experts painstakingly crafted a supplement line that provides the best nutritional support for our patients.

PÜR Hormone Therapy

Providing testing and solutions for low sex drive, menopause, lack of energy and interest in life, erectile dysfunction, or other hormone-related issues.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are a vital to the repair, regeneration, and healing of damaged tissue.

Neurovizr Therapy

The NeuroVizr LED panel produces three simultaneous dimensions of light messaging to create a powerful and a mesmerizing experience to improve brain functioning and mental states.

B3 Blood Flow Restriction Bands

These bands are used to improve muscle performance and recovery, particularly for those who are training athletically.